2017 Election Notice & Call for Candidates

Sunday Novembre 12th of 2017

Association IPSC Québec
Election notice & Call for candidates

Dear IPSC Quebec member,

1.   Three Board of Director positions are coming to term.  These are:

  • President, a 2 year mandate currently filled by Guy Gauthier;
  • Vice-President, a 2 year mandate currently filled by Stéphan Ratté; and
  • Secretary, a 2 year mandate currently filled by Louis Gaudreau.

2.   We are now accepting candidates for these positions until November 24th 2017.  Details of the election timeline are provided below.  Additional information will follow at each step.

  • Nov 12 – Nov 24               Election notice & call for candidates;
  • Nov 26 – Dec 9                  Candidates campaign, publicity, etc.; and
  • Dec 10 – Dec 23                Electronic voting for all members in good standing.

3.   For interested candidates - To be considered and eligible application by the election officers, the candidates:

  • Must be a member in good standing (membership of the current year paid) for at least the last three years without interruption;
  • Must have the knowledge and the skills sufficient to discharge the responsibilities of the position (minutes, financial statements, project management, communications, etc.);
  • Must provide evidence of support by two other members in good standing;
  • Must produce an application notice indicating their identity and position sought;
  • Must provide a presentation letter and state their vision to the members.  The letter will be posted on the website;
  • Must submit application within prescribed timeline;
  • Must be exempt of any disciplinary sanction from the Association; and
  • Must be exempt of any criminal conviction or outstanding charge.

Roles and responsibilities of each open position can be found in the Statutes and Regulations.  Questions concerning the elections must be addressed to the election officers.


Your election officers:
Walter Pereyma   wpereyma@videotron.ca    514-816-4988
Dan Girouard        dangirouard@videotron.ca  514 366-3629

2018 - Formulaire D'Adhesion / Renewal Form

2017 IPSC Québec Provincial Championship

2017 IPSC Quebec Championship

Match registration is almost complete.

There are a few slots still available for Friday.

If you want to shoot on Saturday or Sunday please send an email to match director to put your name on the waitlist.



2017 CTM Season Winners

Tommy Markessinis 1st A Pascal Sicotte 1st M
Jean Boisvert 1st B Egor Boyarskih 1st A
Eric Leygues 1st C Olivier Masson-Lefebvre 1st B
Andre Prescott   Carl Chevalier 1st C
Jocelyn Barriault   Tom Sorger  
    Yvon Vigneault 1st D
    Kevin Braken Top Senior
Alexandre Berdat 1st M Antoine Leclerc 1st M
Jeremie Dancause   Craig Spiro 1st B
Serge Dionne 1st A Govanni Lanni  
Julien Cappiello   Francois Mimmeault 1st D
Vincent Lepine-Vanier 1st B Adrian Dafini  
Philippe Pouliot 1st C    
Ryan McDonald 1st D    
Catherine Asselin Top Lady    
Jean-Pierre Plourde Top Senior    
Jacques Falardeau Top Super Senior    

2017 Provincial Shirt

2017 IPSC Quebec Provincial Registration

NEW FOR 2017; Presence prizes draw during banquet including 1 gun. 1 chance to win to each registered competitors . You must be present at banquet to win.
To register, starting Monday may 15th  2017  9h00, Go to Practiscore web site and search for incoming match;   ‘’ Provincial Quebec 2017 ‘’
Fill the form and send to Practiscore. You send no money to Practiscore. Cost are CAD 150.00 for match fee, CAD 45.00 for extra banquet and CAD 65.00 for optional official match jersey. Please, calculate your total amount to pay and send by EMT to address   wpereyma@videotron.ca  Then fill the liability waiver, scan it and send to the same email address including your emt security question/answer. Once your form, waiver and payment are received, you will receive a link allowing you to squad yourself. Please, allow 3 working days.
Practiscore  is  the main registration system, although, for people without electronic facilities, you can fill and mail the postal form at the address indicated at the bottom of the form, join you cheque/mandate and your filled liability waiver. You will be contacted by email or phone to confirm and approve your registration.
NOTE 2  Invite letter is mandatory for all including Quebecers.
NOTE 3  Liability waiver is mandatory for all except valid members of CTRV.
NOTE 4  Follow the instructions on invite letter to arrive no later than 8h00 on your respective range.
NOTE 5  Respect the speed limits on military base streets and gravel roads. Last year; we received many complaints from Army.

Jean Boisvert
Match Director


Provincial IPSC Quebec 2017

You are invited to the 2017 IPSC Quebec Provincial Championshipo at ValCartier military base on September 1,2 and 3, 2017
Adresse ;   BFC  ValCartier  Courcelette  QC.  G0A 4Z0
At the entry gate; state that you are going to the IPSC competition at the Austère range.
You will have another 9-14 Km of road ahead past the entry gate to your range.  Please follow the signs on IPSC targets. Furthermore, you will have to stop and register with your licence plate number at range control. Keep in mind these delays to arrive no later than 8h00 at your respective range. First shot scheduled for 8h30. Thank you for respecting the schedule.
Vendredi/Friday Sept 1
Squad 1 on range A         Squad 2 on range B        Squad 3 on range C
Samedi/Saturday Sept 2
Squad 4 on range A          Squad 5 on range B          Squad 6 on range C
Dimanche/Sunday Sept 3
Squad 7 on range A          Squad 8 on range B           Squad 9 on range C
Range A and B are side by side 6 Km past the range control and Range C is 5 Km further.
You must bring this letter with a valid membership card from FQT, FCT, NFA, CSSA



Bonjour à tous,

Le Conseil d’Administration a le plaisir de vous inviter à participer à l’AGA de notre association.

L’assemblée se tiendra le 22 avril à 13h00
au Club de Tir Maska 1102 route Guy, Saint-Dominique. QC  J0H1L0

L’ordre du jour est le suivant :

  1. Ouverture de l’assemblée
  2. Vérification du quorum
  3. Lecture et Adoption de l’Ordre du Jour
  4. Rapport du Président
  5. Rapport du trésorier     
  6. Rapport des Vice-présidents
  7. Rapport du responsable de la formation Black Badge
  8. Ratifier (entériner) l’élection et nomination des administrateurs
  9. Ratifier (entériner) les modifications au règlements généraux
  10. Désignation du vérificateur pour l’année 2017
  11. Nouveaux sujets
  12. Cotisations pour l’année (2018)
  13. Proposition pour lever l’assemblée
  14. Tirage de prix de présence

Nous vous invitons à participer en grand nombre.

Louis Gaudreau

Ben Stoeger at club de tir Valcartier

Hello all IPSCshooters,

This is to invite you to the shooting clinic of Ben Stoeger at the Valcartier shooting club.

The shooting clinic will take place over 2 days, on Saturday June 10th and Sunday June 11th from 9am to 5pm.

Ben Stoeger will cover the following topics: :

  • Accuracy, Draw, Reload, Grip/Stance, Shooting on the Move, Position Exit/Entry, Moving Targets, Specialty Gun Handling, Stage Breakdown, Programming, USPSA Specific Skills, Equipment Setup

Practical Shooting Fundamentals: "This is the flagship class. We work on fundamental USPSA skills and apply them in a stage environment. We shoot a mix of drills and stages. We also work on hitting small targets, moving around through stages, and breaking down stages."

There is no water or food on the range, it will be up to you to be prepared.
Sign up quickly as places are limited.

We are waiting for some details in order to provide a final cost for the 2 days.
For more information and / or to reserve a place, please contact Yves St-Laurent y.stlaurent@hotmail.com and Antoine Bertrand antoine0603@hotmail.ca



2017 IPSC Québec Provincial Championship

On 2017 september 01,02 and 03.
At Valcartier Canadian Forces base.
Level III   12 stages  200 rounds and chrono.

Match fee CAD 150.00 including  food, beverages, T-shirt and banquet.
A minimum of 4 working hours out of your squad, is requested.

Match hotel and banquet at the Hotel Classique
2815 boul. Laurier Québec QC. G1V4H3
Tél. 418-658-2793      Toll  free  1-800-463-1885
Website    www.hotelclassique.com
When reserving, ask for  IPSC Provincial / code group 498345

For details of rooms and prices, see the annexed PDF file.

Registration will open on May 15th 2017.

Jean Boisvert
Match Director

2017 World Shoot in France.

IPSC Quebec is proud to announce a $1500.00 financial support to each of our 3 champions who will be part of teams to represent Canada at 2017 World Shoot in France.

Nikita Markessinis      Open
Alexandre Berdat       Production
Jérémie Dancause     Production

2017 Nationals Teams

IPSC Quebec is proud to announce teams formation to represent Quebec at 2017 Canadian Nationals championship held in Calgary AB.

Nikita Markessinis   Egor Boyarskih Alexandre Berdat
Guy Gauthier Olivier Masson-Lefebvre Jérémie Dancause
Antoine Bertrand Stéphan Ratté Julien Cappiello
Francis Boisvert Carl Chevalier Yves St-Laurent



Classification Update

The Classifications have been updated on the members table.

These are the current classes as per the respective Division.

MIC 2017 CIM - Winners


1)    Chris Tilley 1)     Alexandre Berdat 
2)    Antoine Bertrand 2)      Remi Doucet
3)    Demetrios Katos 3)      Jeremie Dancause
4)    Francis Boisvert 4)      Julien Cappiello
5)    Wade McKay 5)      Jeremy Braam
1)   J-P. Drolet 1)     Antoine Leclerc
2)   Mike Burrell 2)     Yves St-Laurent
3)   Simon Beaudoin 3)     Oscar Trachmann
4)   Pascal Sicotte 4)     Sean Hansen
5)    Egor Boyarskih 5)     Giovanni Lanni
TOP SENIOR  OPEN  -  Guy Gauthier
TOP SENIOR   PRODUCTION  -  Eugene Plaoude
TOP SENIOR  STANDARD  -   Sylvain Lagrange
GM – Chris Tilley GM –   Alexandre Berdat
M –    Antoine Bertrand M –      
A –    Francis Boisvert A –     Julien Cappiello
B –    Shane Melless B –     Felix Scantland
C –    Eric Leygues C –     Jean-Charles  Carriere
D –  D –     Ryan  McDonald
GM –  J-P. Drolet GM-   
M –     Pascal Sicotte M-   Antoine Leclerc
A –     Egor Boyarskih A-   Oscar  Trachmann
B –     Sylvain Lagrange B –   Yves St-Laurent
C –     Carl Chevalier C –   Rick  Katigbak
D –     Simon Beaudoin D –   Francois  Mimeault
OPEN - Medha  Russell  
PRODUCTION  - Catherine  Asselin
CLASSIC - Myriam  Berube  


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