2017 MIC / CIM Range Officer

Hello everyone,

The 2017 Montreal Interior Challenge, Level lll, which will be held at the Club de Tir de Montreal, is already at our doorsteps. For this reason, we are making an appeal to everyone to find volunteers who will be interested to join the team of Range Officers, Chief Range Officers and Score Keepers.

We need volunteers for:

  •   RO
  •   RO who will be Score Keepers
  •   CRO

We need 4 Chief Range Officers appointed officially to the match:

  •   To be CRO having the responsibility of a Range
  •   To be available to shoot on Friday
  •   To be available as a CRO on Saturday and Sunday
  •   Submit your application to Pascal Sicotte

We need 16 Range Officers (4 RO per Range):

  •   To be RO assigned to a Range under the responsibility of the CRO
  •   To be available to shoot on Friday (if possible)
  •   To be available as a RO on Saturday and Sunday (if possible)
  •   Send your availability to Pascal Sicotte

Of course, we accept the help of all RO/CRO, no matter the number of days available.

Your  assignment , confirmation and schedule will be post on CTM  and IPSC Quebec web site.

Lunch and drinks will be provided by the Match.

Your name will be included in the prize table drawing.

Pascal Sicotte, Range Master MIC 2017
You can contact me by e-mail at : lorraine.bourret@videotron.ca